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 In this era of photo editing, photo editing has become a very easy task. By the way, you need to have a good laptop or computer for photo editing, but in today’s era of this technology, you can easily do photo editing online as well. If you have a good internet connection, then you will not have any problem doing photo editing. Although there are many online photo editing websites in the market, today we are going to talk about the very popular and very easy photo editing website Photopea. 

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If you have some photo editing knowledge, then you can easily do good photo editing here. Photopea is an online photo editing website and the most important thing is that it is not very expensive like this and that website. Here if you use it for personal work, then you will get all the tools and photo editing options.

Photopea features 

Β In Photopea, you can import Photoshop file or Illustrator file or Sketch, PDF, HCF, raw, JPG PNG GIF SVG, ie you can import a lot of files here and do editing online. If you talk about the interface, then here you will also see its interface resembling photoshop clearly. Talking about the menu, you will see the file edit image layer and select filter window and peacock in the order above. In this kind of talk, you will also get to see many great tools like Move Tool Selection Tool, Magic Selection Tool Crop Spot Healing Brush Tool and many more tools you will find here.

Replace Colour in Photopea 

 So if you want to replace the colour of any photo like the photo given above, then you can easily do it inside the photopea. You have to follow some steps, after which you can easily replace the colour of your photo.

  • First of all, you have to import your photo inside the photopea,
  •  after that, you will have to go to the image menu, in the
  •  image in the new you will get the first option of adjustment,
  •  by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the adjustment, you will get the option of colour replacement at the bottom. You will get
  •  this colour replacement as soon as you click, the replacement colour windows will open in front 
  •  of you, here you will find a box of hue, 
  •  as soon as you click on it, the box will open in front
  •   colour picker you with the help of the colour picker. Inside the photo, pick the colour whose color you want to replace
  •  and click on OK after picking the colour, after that you can easily change your colour by moving the UK slider back and forth in the replacement color. 

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