Photopea: Best free online Photo editing Platform (2021) | How to use photopea

Photopea is the best photo editing Platform. If you are searching for a free online photo editing platform you are at the right place. Photopea is similar to the Photoshop interface. When you use this platform you feel you are using Photoshop alternative software, but it’s a free online platform. So you want to know How to use Photopea online, You can learn all things through this article and video given below.

What Is Photopea

Photopea is a free online photo editing platform. Here You can edit photos through your web browser. when you visit Photopea’s homepage, you find its interface similar to Adobe photoshop. So in short we can say that photopea is the alternative to photoshop, or it’s an online Photoshop.

How to use Photopea 

You need an internet connection for photopea access you can use it online and offline through your web browser. First of all visit photopea official website After reaching the home page you can choose a new project or open any PSD file sketch or another existing file. Photopea supports a lot of extension files. You can choose any format of the file. 

  • If you want to make a new project click on the new project Button and define your project domination or choose an existing template. Like photoshop here you can find a lot of templates and dimensions of projects.
  • After choosing your template, you find your canvas for your photo editing, here you can import photos from your laptop or pc and edit them.
  • On the left hand, you can find your desired tools like cut, crop, selection, text, and a lot of tools you can use in Photopea.

Is Photopea similar to Photoshop?

When we are using photopea we find photoshop similar interfaces and tools. When we visit the editing window we find a lot of tools and menus available in photoshop. So if you want to know how many tools are available in photopea read the below point. 

  1. Move tool is the common tool in photo editing and graphic design software. 
  2. The second common and useful tool is select tools, here you can find some sub tools under select tools like rectangle select, ellipse tool, lasso select, Polygon lasso select, magnetic lasso select tool all important tools are available here.
  3. The third and very Useful tools for object selection tools are available here you can find other similar tools here. Like quick selection tools and magic wand tools. 
  4. For crop work you can find more tools here you can find crop tool, perspective crop tool,  slice tool, slice select,  eyedropper, ruler these tools available under crop tool. 
  5. If you are searching for tools to remove any unwanted part from a photo you can do it through spot healing brush tools. Like other tools, you can find some other tools under this tool. Healing Brush tool, Patch tools, Content-aware move tool, red-eye tool all these tools available under spot healing brush tool
  6. Brush tool, here you can find more types of brushes like photoshop. under Brush tool, you find pencil tool, colour replacement and Colne tools are available here. 
  7. For erasing anything you can find eraser tools, here you can find eraser tools, and background eraser tools. 
  8. For colour filling, you find tow tools here 1 Gradient tools, 2 Paint bucket 
  9. Blur Tool, here you can find three other tools like Sharpen tool, Smudge tools these tools help to your project into color correction and retouch photos. 
  10. Dodge and burn tools available here you can find one new tool here Sponge tools also. 
  11. Text tools are Available here like other programs. 
  12. Here you find a pen tool and a free pen tool. Its tool helps you to select any object defined edges.
  13. If you work on any shapes you can use its tool, here you can find path selection tools and Direct select tools.
  14. If you want to draw any predefined shape you can do this through shapes tools.
  15. The hand tool and rotate tool helps you to move any object and rotate them.
  16. Zoom tool 
  17. Quick mask tool 
  18. And a lot of other menu and tools in the menu bar. 

Can we Download Photopea for offline 

Yes, we can use photopea offline. Actually, photopea is an online photo editor. But when we open Photopea in a web browser we find a pop installation button in the web browser search bar. If we are clicking on this install button it will be installed on your system as a browser shortcut.


  • First of Open photopea online 
  • The second click on the install button in the web address bar. 
  • After installation Photopea is ready for offline use in the google chrome app section.photopea offline
  • You can find one photopea shortcut on your desktop. 

Photopea Pricing 

Photopea is a free online photo editor platform. Here we can edit photos easily online on your web browser. But Photopea offers free and paid versions. Photopea free version you can use all tools free but you see some intrusive ads. While premium accounts you have not seen any ads and steps history also available for 60 days. 

Photopea pricing list: premium single person account 9 USD for 30 days.10 USD single user for 90 days. 40 USD single user for 365 days.

5 people Team Account: 15 USD for 30 days. 30 USD for 90 Days. 120 USD for 365 days.

Team of 20 people Account: 50 USD for 30 days. 100 USD for 90 days. 400 USD for 365 days. 

You can use Photopea like the distributor and use photopea API for your project.



Photopea is a free online photo editor website. Here we can use photopea like online Photoshop. Photopea gives us more tools and functions for free without any charge. we can say one-word photopea is the best platform for photo online photo editor. But when we are talking about pros and cons here you can use this platform online on your web need for any installation into your system. Interface similar to Adobe Photoshop. We can edit any PSD, VECTOR, Raster image easily.

CONS: when we are editing photos on photopea we are faced with some Hindrance for workflow. And second thing some intrusive ads. Sometimes Photo quality also not Predictable.

Can you download Photopea?


Yes we can install it on Google chrome browser app section.

Is Photopea similar to Photoshop?

Yes Photopea interface like Adobe Photoshop

How much does Photopea cost?

Its free for normal version with ads serving.
premium single person account 9 USD for 30 days.10 USD single user for 90 days. 40 USD single user for 365 days.

How can I get Photoshop online for free?

Photopea is similar of Photoshop. all interface and tools arrangement like Photopea.

Photopea Supported file formate


Photopea supported a lot of file formate you can easily edit any media formate and export in bellow format PNG,JPG,SVG,GIF,PDF,WEBP,BMP,TIFF,ICO,DDS,TGA,PPM,RAW,EMF,DXF

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