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Best top 10 Online Photo Editing apps and website 2021

The trend of online photo editing is increasing gradually. By the way, many websites give us the option of online photo editing, but today we are going to tell you about the top 10 online photo editing platforms by using which you can do good editing in photos. 

When we are talking about photo editing, Adobe’s name comes at the top. There is no doubt that Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom is a very good photo editing software. But if you do not have such a laptop or PC in which you can run this type of photo editing software, then you can easily do photo editing by going online.

In online photo editing, you will find many websites where you can photo editing online and offline free pc apps. While we use any product of Adobe Photoshop, we need a subscription and a good system needs to be a laptop or PC where these programs can run well.

 So today we are going to tell you the top 10 free online photo editing websites where you can photo editing like Photoshop, otherwise, there are many applications in this line that give you the facility of photo editing for free. But if you want to do photo editing on a Laptop or online, then you can definitely visit these websites. 


 Photopea I think comes at number one among all other online photo editing software. Because here all the interface and tools you have been given like photoshop. And here its most special thing is that here Photoshop PSD, .xd, .sketch, .pdf, .raw, .pdf, GIMP, .jpg, .png  and more this type file can be easily supported photopea .

Online Photo Editing

 And its most important thing is that it is completely free. And nobody here needs to create an account. When you use Photopea on Chrome, you can backup it by connecting it directly to Google Drive. That is, whatever photo editing work will be on your web browser, you do not need to run any type of software.

 If you want to learn Photoshop then I think you should try the photopea once. Because here its interface and tools are very similar to Photoshop


If you are talking about free photo editing software then GIMP cannot be forgotten. GIMP is a JNU image manipulation program. Here too, you are going to see windows similar to Photoshop Interface. In GIMP you can do all the work that you do inside Photoshop. free Online Photo Editing

But you have to run this software inside your system. This is available for windows and iOS for free, you can easily install and use it inside your system. In this, you are going to see all the tools of photo editing, colour correction image layout, or not photo editing here. It is completely free, you can download its setup and install it inside your system and use it. 

3.Photoscape X

 Photoscape x is also free and paid software. If you use the premium version of Photoscape x, then you will have to pay something there. Otherwise, Photoscape x normal version can be used for free. It is also an amazing free photo editing software. where you can do good photo editing by using color correction or filters of your favorite. Photoscape x The layout or interface is user friendly. you have to face some different windows from Photoshop. PhotoScape X Pro 2020

But here you get enough photo editing tools, where you can give a good look to your photo by using filters and using other photo editing tools. Photoscape is best for colour correction software because the colour correction tools have been given more attention inside this software. Talking out for this, its layout is also user friendly, after a few clicks, this software analyzes and applies to filter overlay your photo effect.


 If you want to do online photo editing quickly, pixlr is also a good platform. Where you can use your web browser to do online photo editing in pixlr. By the way, this website has introduced its mobile software inside Android and iPhone where you can do photo editing. 

There is an online photo editing platform, in all of these you are going to see the tools of common photo editing. On this website also, you are going to see some advanced tolls along with basic tools of photo editing. pixlr also offers a free and premium version, if you use its premium version, then there are some tools you get extras that help you in editing your photo. online photo editing

Inside it, you get the version of pixlr x, where you have introduced premium tools. Here you will get to see a lot of effects on image resize background colour change, colour adjustment filter, whereas if you talk about the text then here you will get to see a very stylish text which you can use inside your project. Talking about its interface, its interface is also very similar to Photoshop.


Canva is a very popular graphic tools platform. Where you can do any graphic designing easily and quickly. But here you get a lot of templates along with graphic design, which is both free and trees, you can use them inside your project. Editing photos inside Canva is very easy, after a few clicks you can do good photo editing using the crop text filter apply on the photo. online photo editing

It is also an online photo editing platform. Talking about its interface too, here you will get to see the difference from another photo editing website. But its interface is very clean and very easy, after a few clicks, you get to see your favourite result. Here too, you can give an attractive look to your photo by using adjustment brightness situation contra and many more filters. 


 Fotor is also an online photo editing platform, where you can do free photo editing. In this also you will see all the basic tools of online photo editing website such as filter frame text sticker etc. Like Canva inside it, you have kept it very cleanly. And along with free here premium features also available, then you may have to pay some charge here. free online photo editing

By the way, here you get the button at the top of the adjustment, where you can adjust your photo by clicking on it. you can do free size and many other things, below that you get an icon of filters where You can apply filters to your photo.

Similarly, the sticker text of the adjustment option under Premium will be available on all the tools, but some of the tools are premium as well as being free here. In this, you also get a beauty item, by clicking on it you can retouch with any portrait photo. Inside the stories, you have been given a lot of tools, including Smoothing Blemish Removal Reset Lone Weight Loose Wrinkle Remover and also a lot of beauty tools, some of which are premium and some are free.

7. Be Funky

Be funky is also a very good free online photo editing platform. Here too, you can do photo editing from basic to advance level. It also works on the browser like any other online photo editing website. Online Photo Editing

In this also you will need an internet connection. In be funkey you can re-touch the photo for even more basic photo editing for free, and to use advanced tools one has to use its premium tool. Its interface is also like Pixler, where editing of photos on AI-based technology. if talks about free tools, in this, you have the feature of crop and exposure, saturation, and sharpen for free. Apart from this, there are many amazing features also. 

8. polarr 

polarr is also an online free photo editing website. Here too, you and other online photo editing websites get basic tools for free, and the rest of the premium tools are paid. But in this, you can edit Daily 1 photo free with premium tools. Online Photo Editing

In this also you will get to see features of filters, text, retouch, crop, and overlay. In this also you only have to import the photo and apply the effect with the help of a slider. Its interface is clean and user-friendly like other online photo editing websites. 

9. Adobe Spark 

As the name suggests that it is the online photo editing platform of Adobe. The most special thing here is that it is absolutely free. its user friendly. You can easily edit your photo even if you do it the first time. Here, not only can we edit the photo, but here you can create animation and export it in mp4 format.  Online Photo Editing

In this, you can easily create a post format or pamphlet of YouTube thumbnails and another social media photo easily. You also get many free templates and free background images here. If Adobe is at number 1 in photo editing software then it is a matter of fact that there will be something special in Adobe Spark. 

10. PicMonkey 

picmonkey is a very popular online photo editing website. Here you can easily create post size photo banners of the media you like. Here you find many templates that you can use in your banner.  Online Photo Editing

In picmonkey you get both free and paid options. If you want to use all its features, then you have to take a premium account. The most important thing is that in this you can do layer-based photo editing. Many theme templates, stylish text, and also trading banner formats are available here. 

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